Photo of Sanjith Nambiar

Sanjith Nambiar

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Departmental Wellbeing Representative

Hey there! My name is Sanjith and I am a third year BEng EEE Student. One of the reasons why the well-being department at Imperial is so crucial can be attributed to the rigorous nature of the degree programmes. This segment wants to ensure your welfare while you study these academically challenging modules. To help support the well-being of students in our department, I am standing for the position of Departmental Wellbeing Representative.

What skills and experience will I bring to this role?

I have a lot of valuable life experiences pertaining to student representation by being a member of the student council committee for two years at my high school and a prefect for two years in my secondary school. Throughout my role in this society, I developed strong communication, collaboration, work ethic and leadership skills which have prepared me for participating proactively in discussions with Department Reps and Welfare Board meetings. These would prove helpful in highlighting issues in areas such as health, financial concern, relationships, and personal safety.

What will I achieve for students?
• Collaborate with the members of the committee to create awareness on the campus about well-being issues affecting students
• Strictly maintain student confidentiality
• Ensuring the availability to meet students before/after lecture, workshops etc.
• Available via email and correspondence will be answered in a relatively short period of time