Photo of Vikneswaran Sathasivam

Vikneswaran Sathasivam

Chemical Engineering: Departmental Wellbeing Representative

Care Beyond Self

Not so long ago, I went through a severe case of depression. It was so severe, that I nearly took my own life. However, I was lucky to have found a good support system just in time which helped me find my strength; my sanity. But as I was going through the healing process, I realized the gravity and importance of mental wellbeing, the impacts of depression, the dangers it poses if left undiagnosed and untreated.
Now, as someone, who has experienced the horrors of depression and yet managed to come through it all, I want to reach out and help the people who are dealing with any sort of mental health or are too afraid to get help. I am running this position to spread awareness of mental health. I believe mental health is equally important as physical health.


As such I am proposing THREE simple things, I can do to improve the mental health of my fellow friends in this department.

a. I will be there in the department for you to come and talk to me. Heads up through my email would be awesome.
b. I will try my best to create focus groups where you can be yourself beyond the hassles of Chemical Engineering workload
c. If the above two actions do not go as planned, I am willing to improve myself for the department’s wellbeing and listen to ideas that can make a change.