Photo of Marcin Galas

Marcin Galas

Council Representative (UG Science)

My name is Marcin Galas and I don't know if I'm the best candidate for council representative. I do know however that I have what it takes to be one. I have been in my high school council and so I have experience that's going to be useful in uni. I have hosted events for over 500 people so I know how to deal with stress of being watched and how to perform under pressure. I have taken part in oxford style debates and I've been teaching younger students in my school so I know how to get my ideas to audience. I'm also broke and dyslexic so you can trust me that with my whole heart I will represent needs of all student - those with money problems and those with studying problems.
If you ever need to reach me you can do so via email at If you want to tell me something - don't be afraid to do so.
PS. I won't idolise myself anymore. I don't like talking a lot. I prefer getting things done quickly and without unnecessary blather. I'm a mathematician after all.