Photo of Junrui Wang

Junrui Wang

Council Representative (UG Science)


I am Junrui Wang. I am here to standing for your Council Representative.

To those who confined themselves only to their own room, thinking that there were no activities around the campus fitting you, I am here to support you. There are plenty of diversified activities, awaiting your coming, that some links to the activities I think the best for you shall be provided, since you are not alone.

To those who regard themselves as minority or less popular among students, I am here to support you. Since no one could have found themselves popular unless reaching out. Thoroughly changing such status of solitude can not be done at once. It is up to your disposition, your character and the endeavor you made to forge your personality. However, I am here, being as your friend and I can always give you some suggestions from my point of view, always wishing the best of your self-development, since you are not alone.

The road ahead of us shall be long, the cliff of difficulties and plight shall be steep, and the despair of negativity shall drive us mad. But no matter what kind of hurdle will impede in our way, we will make it and with steadfast faith that we will finally overcome no doubt, we will achieve our own success!

All in all, if you desire beauty, beauty will advent on you unexpectedly!