Photo of Grace Fisher

Grace Fisher

Council Representative (UG Science)

Access schemes to higher education can be a life changing opportunity for those of whom come from a non-traditional background. As a first generation university student, a fundamental reason as to why I would like to become your Council Representative is to help improve Imperials access schemes to increase the numbers of students from minority groups, state schools, low income households and care leavers applying to Imperial in a bid to provide them with a world-class education to enable them to thrive in a subject they are passionate for, when otherwise they would not have this opportunity.

As well as improving access schemes, I wish to debate on issues such as how we as students can work with the college to reduce its carbon footprint in light of the recent events of the Extinction Rebellion movement, extending the reach of Imperials bursaries to allow students to live comfortably in London and suggest ideas for programmes that will allow a smooth transition for first year students into city life for those of whom have previously not lived in a city before, so that they feel both safe in London and confident in areas such as taking public transport and navigating.

As your Council Rep, my goal will be to make the changes with the most positive impact on all Imperial students alike to make your experience here as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Thank you!


Grace Fisher – First year Biological Sciences