Photo of Aishwarya Chidambaram

Aishwarya Chidambaram

Council Representative (UG Science)

Hey everyone, I'm Aishy, a third year Maths Student and current President of MathSoc, (Mathematics Society) and I would love to represent all Science students at Union Council.

Having been a Wellbeing Representative and held a variety of positions in my DepSoc, I have been fully immersed in student life. During the last two years, in these roles, I have dedicated a lot of my time to listening to students' complaints, opinions and feedback about the way things are run, taking action where I have been able to. This has helped me to understand the needs of students not only in my department but across the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

As one of your council reps I hope to be able to represent your opinions at a higher level, making sure that all decisions made are in your best interests.