Photo of Tilivaldi Ilahunov

Tilivaldi Ilahunov

Council Representative (PG Science)

Dear Fellow Students,

My name is Tilivaldi (Til) and I am currently studying towards an MSc in Environmental Technology. In 2017, I have graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Social and Political Studies. Studying the subject gave me an incredible insight into the world of academia and politics which sharpened my critical thinking skills. Like many of you, I was extremely happy to be accepted into this world leading university. However, upon my arrival I quickly realised that a lot of the facilities and infrastructure around the campus did not match the status of a 'world leader'. Majority of us had to pay a vast amount of money (compared to other institutions) to study in this university, and my belief is that we deserve to get our 'moneys worth'. I am standing for this election to advocate for the appropriate allocation of funds towards modernisation and improvement of facilities around the campus.

I was an elected Youth Councillor for my local community and acted as a member of grant giving panel. I also took part in government initiatives such as ‘child poverty matters’ whereby I was a member of a committee of representatives from across the country. I believe that my experience, grit and determination makes me the right candidate for the role to represent you in the College Council as I will make sure that your voices are heard and decisions are followed through.

PS: Don't hesitate to say 'Hi' if you see me around :)