Photo of Adrian LaMoury

Adrian LaMoury

Council Representative (PG Science)

Postgraduate representation in the Union is often overlooked, the assumption being that as undergrads make up the bulk of the student body, it is their interests and activities that should shape and dictate the actions of the Union.

This isn’t true. Postgraduates constitute just shy of half the total number of students at Imperial, and indeed many of the most active participants in clubs, societies, and the wider university community, are postgrads. These people deserve representation.

Over my four years as an Imperial undergrad, I sat on committees in halls, with Alternative Music Society, on the Felix editorial team and committee, and as a management group executive. I was also elected representative to Council for UG science last year, so I am well versed in the various aspects of how the Union, and more specifically Union Council, works.

Now as I start my PhD, I hope to continue my involvement with the Union by championing interests specific to postgrads, such as the restoration of an evening food service in h-bar, and the engagement of students who feel they have little or no connection with a body that exists purely to serve them.