Photo of Hayley Wong

Hayley Wong

Council Representative (UG Engineering)

Having represented the students of the Faculty of Engineering since the start of my career at Imperial, first as an Academic Rep and now as the Engineering Faculty Rep/CGCU Education Officer, I am extremely familiar with the frustration students have in feeling like their voices don't really matter to the Union. I am here to change that.

As the Faculty and Academic Rep, I have:

- held a successful inaugural Town Hall to push forward student enfranchisement and transparency of Union roles
- been in contact with the Departmental Reps of all 8 engineering departments for a depictive overview of all 4,200 engineering students
- open the conversation on the inadequate structure of rep support with both the previous and current Deputy President of Education
- liaised with senior staff members on behalf of the students about academic and timetabling issues

As the Council Representative, I will:

- ensure the response from the Union to the College subsequent to the National Student Survey is followed through
- increase the transparency of all Union decisions so YOU can be the judge as to whether there was enough student consultation
- make sure the exceedingly high Union staff turnover rate (~30%) will not hinder the implementation of positive policies
- conserve Constituent Union representation and therefore YOUR representation within the Union

If you truly want your voice heard at the governance level of Imperial College Union; if you want to see changes that will actually matter to you; vote for me, Hayley Wong, as your representative to the Union Council.