Photo of Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan

Council Representative (UG Engineering)

Hi! I’m Fatima, a third-year chemical engineer. As Vice President of the CGCU, I regularly hear about the problems that undergraduate engineers face, both inside and outside the lecture theatre. I’m running as Council Representative so that I can amplify the student voice and ensure that policies are passed which allow ICU, College and CUs run more harmoniously.

Some issues that have occurred recently that I will address are:

1) Room bookings: The current three-week turnaround on room bookings is too long, leaving clubs in the dark about whether their events and meetings can go ahead as planned. I would like to enquire as to why they take so long, and make the process more transparent.
2) Halls: Last year, students were expected to move out on the Thursday before the end of term, due to the Exhibition Road Festival, which caused many issues for those involved. Students should have been prioritised.
3) Paying students: Welcome Week volunteers should not be expected to give up their time for free.
4) Freshers’ fair: There were no contingency plans in place, and some clubs now have reduced memberships as they were unable to operate their stall in the torrential rain.

I will make changes through presenting council papers, and voting on policies that align with the needs of undergraduate engineers. I will hold the sabbatical officers and College to account on their promises. I’m always reachable through email or in CAGB 350, and will take any issue raised to me seriously.