Photo of Adele Lam

Adele Lam

Bioengineering: PhD Representative

Hello all! My name is Adele and I’m a 2nd year Bioengineering PhD student. Just a little bit about myself: I hail from the tiny island country/city-state of Singapore and I’ve been in Imperial now for about 3 years. Food is my favourite thing to talk about, which translates to my interest in trying different dishes from different cultures. I’m small, but rest assured I pack a punch, though not physically as I’ll definitely be the first one to be knocked out.

Although PhD students make up nearly half the entire Imperial student population, to say we are under-represented is.... well, an understatement. And that applies to within the Bioengineering department.

As your hopefully-elected PhD rep, I pledge to request for more contact/network activities among ourselves. Yes we’re all busy with work, but so many of us could also benefit from sharing our progress and problems with others outside of the 5 min hi-bye conversations we have with friends or the rare PhD Mentor lunches. One of the ongoing activities include ScienceFridays, but I feel it’d also be worth setting some more time aside (~30min) once every 2 weeks for those within the same field to come together and talk through their work.

Thank you and please vote for Adele! Vote for our welfare!