Photo of Nadya Mere

Nadya Mere

Earth Science & Engineering: Applied Computational Science and Engineering

Hi, I’m Nadya and this is my 4th year at Imperial. I would like to run to be an ACSE course representatives because I would like to be able to contribute to the growth of a new course such as this. Having been at Imperial for three years, I am aware of the College structure and processes, as well as the services it has to offer its students. Furthermore, I have held a total of six Union positions in my time here which has enabled me to fully understand the Union’s structure and inner workings. Through my roles on multiple committees, I’ve learned to work closely with teams, communicate clearly, and make changes to accommodate for the needs of the members. I'm always happy to discuss any issues anyone on the course may have, either in person or via messages.
I would like to continue learning and contributing to Imperial as academic rep, so I hope you will consider me for course rep and vote for me.