Photo of Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia

Earth Science & Engineering: Applied Computational Science and Engineering

Hello colleagues! My name is Jorge, I am Spanish, 22 years old and I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering. You probably have already met me – if not, well, I was probably rowing. I’ll be glad to meet you, please approach me at some point :)

As a course representative I would like to make the most of our incredibly privileged position at Imperial. I would aim to foster community, engage effectively with professors and reach out for interesting proposals to boost our personal and academic experience.

More specifically, I would focus on:

- Fostering the sense of community: I would aim to boost and consolidate the sense of community and integration within our course. To achieve so, I would organise regular social events such as pub crawls, end-of-term dinners, curry nights, sports events, etc.

- Ensuring student well-being: I would aim to offer full reachability, approachability, and eagerness to help. You can feel free to reach me out through any communication channel (phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Slack) regardless of your situation – I will ensure you get the best response.

- Providing an effective communication link between students and staff: I would reach out to academics and present them with the students’ concerns. These include areas, for example, such as the difficulty level of the material, teaching pace, deadline organisation and feedback for assignments.

Some further ideas include lecture recordings, ACSE class hoodies, centralised Facebook/WhatsApp/LinkedIn groups, setting up an alumni network, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions!