Photo of Georgios Chatzitheoklitos

Georgios Chatzitheoklitos

Earth Science & Engineering: Applied Computational Science and Engineering

Hey Guys!

This is Yorgos and I am running for academic rep.
For the past three years I was the academic representative of my Geophysics course here at the Earth Science and Engineering Department at Imperial. I am running again this year for the ACSE course because I genuinely enjoyed interacting with my classmates, listening to their problems and trying to find solutions together!

I want to use my past three years here to our advantage. I am very comfortable and confident around our current lecturers as I have been taught by most of them before, and chances are I have relayed to them constructive feedback in the past ?, so I will not hesitate to relay to them any problems we might have. I have had difficult conversations with staff members before, regarding the feedback I received from my course-mates, and while I am sure this won’t be the case here, its good to have that knowledge.

I always try to find ways to make our life a little bit easier. For example, I found out who was the person responsible, and now we can enjoy free TEA and COFFEE in our common room in G.39. Just in time for the coursework!

I can’t wait to meet everyone and share our ideas about the course!