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Rosie Foster

Medicine: MRes Cancer Biology

Hi all, I’m Rose. This is my fifth year at Imperial after doing my BSc in Biochemistry. Through my time here I have learned a lot about my subject, the university, and how to get the best out of student experiences and opportunities.
Imperial has a thriving social and co-curricular scene; however, students can have trouble accessing them, particularly those joining at postgraduate level. I propose to organise talks, events and activities specific to this course and its students, including introduction talks, socials and discussions around the course. I want to represent our entire cohort, so communication is key. The WhatsApp group is great (thanks Tusib!) and I encourage all students to join. I will create a Facebook page to share events, carry out polls and generally encourage communication and discussion about the course.
A few students will assist me in an unofficial capacity, like a committee for the course. This was a success in my undergraduate and will maximize what we can do as a cohort. I will also communicate frequently with academic staff to improve aspects of the course for us and future students. I would like to consider myself a central point of call for any issues surrounding your course and life at Imperial. I will signpost students to the appropriate services and solve problems pertaining to the course with the help of both staff and students.
If you have any questions or would like to assist in any way, please send me an email at