Photo of Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay

Medicine: MSc Molecular Medicine

The main reason I want to be a course representative is because I believe it is important for students to have a say in how their course is run, as after all, it affects us the most. I understand that it can be daunting to raise queries with staff directly, which is why I want to provide a voice to those who wish to express their opinions in an anonymous way. Having previously been the Secretary of the Cancer Awareness in Teenagers and Young People Society for two years while at the University of Manchester, I’m used to asking, “Have you checked your balls?”, so I will have no problem voicing any questions or queries, no matter how strange or embarrassing.

In addition, I believe my previous experience in my high school debate club has taught me to effectively communicate my point of view, as it is important that the staff understand our needs in order to implement any positive changes. If elected, I would provide a platform where everyone felt included, and that their opinions were equally valued as every voice matters!