Photo of Mohammed Al Shibar

Mohammed Al Shibar

Medicine: MSc Molecular Medicine

My main reason for wanting to be a course representative for the molecular medicine programme is to be a helping hand in making sure that my classmates’ voices are being heard and that their feedback is addressed appropriately. I intend to collaborate with the other course representatives to make sure that we cultivate an inclusive environment and a safe space for everyone to voice their concerns, suggestions, or issues during the course.

My previous leadership experience includes academic and professional experience. On the academic side, I was the president of my university’s chapter of the American Chemical Society for one year. During this time, I coordinated with two faculty advisors and my team to organize events for the members, the university, and the local community. During my time in university, I also served as a FRIEND Mentor where I was a mentor for international students that just started studying at the university to help them adjust to their new life, utilize all the resources available to them, and make the most use out of their time at university. On the professional side, I was a lab manager for the past three years and I had to make sure that the lab and all lab personnel are compliant and that all their issues were communicated and resolved properly.

Lastly, I hope that you find my background conducive to fulfilling this role, and that you trust me to communicate your ideas effectively and confidentially, if needed.