Photo of Max Bowles

Max Bowles

Materials: MSc Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

Hello everyone! My name is Max and I would be thrilled to represent the Materials MSc cohort as the course rep. I would be committed to receiving and collating all your feedback and opinions and pass these on to the relevant staff. I would be proactive in pursuing improvements to the course whilst keeping you all updated. I am an organised person and I promise to be fair and inclusive, whilst making sure all voices are heard. I believe I will be well suited to the role as I am accustomed to using my leadership and teamwork skills in various roles; society member, scholar mentor, CCF army NCO, vice house-captain, DofE expeditions and theatre representative.

We have already seen that the organisation of the course has been quite poor and confusing at times, but I am confident that we can make sure these problems do not persist. I would be happy to put the effort in to make sure any issues are sorted out on your behalf. I will make sure no more confusion surrounds the course by communicating with the relevant staff in advance of issues so we can get on with our course and enjoy our time here in each other’s company! Thank you.