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Yiyang CHEN

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: MSc Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Hi all,
My name is Yiyang Chen and I am a postgraduate student in the EEE Department. I am standing to be elected as the representative of Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design.
As an international student especially, I spent my 2.5 years studying in china, half year in Leicester and one year in Newcastle. I also did six weeks cultural exchanging volunteer in Indonesia and another six weeks in Czech Republic. With these experience, I believe I have an impartial view to the matters of our course, and as a result improve the compatibility of our course with you.
As your Academic representative, I would aim to ensure that:
1. Anyone can make their voice heard and express their opinion.
2. The student body (you!) are kept informed of the decisions made by the department.
3. Decisions made by the department are to the benefit of all students.
I had the previous experience as an academic representative in my University and high school, and Student Party Branch Secretary in my previous university. I will endeavour to give you opportunities to inform me of what I can do to improve your experience – because you know best what you want to change. For example, I will inform our department that some our optional courses schedule are overlapped which really limits the freedom of choosing courses.
I would be honoured to represent you during the coming year and to be given the opportunity to make a positive impact on your university experience.