Photo of Shihong Chen

Shihong Chen

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: MSc Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Hey! Hello! My name is Shihong Chen, one of your lovely MSc colleagues. I obtained my bachelor degree at the University of Manchester and have stayed in the UK for more than three years. So, to some extent, I might be more familiar with any British academic rules and requirements and I am extremely pleased to help you if you are in need! Furthermore, I have related working experiences back to my undergraduate period. I was elected to be a student representative in the year 2016 to 2017 in the department of electrical and electronic engineering. During that time, I assisted a lot of students. For example, I provided some useful suggestions to some students to determine their individual project, I supported some students who did not catch up with the course very well by encouraging them to be brave to ask questions and learning a better study strategy. In short, I hope I would be the one who could always stand with you when you encounter difficulties! Thank you!