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Niza Ravi

Graduate Students' Union: Postgraduate Taught Academic & Welfare Officer (Medicine)

Niza Ravi: Your New Academic and Wellbeing Representative, School of Public Health
Your WelNiz is My Priority :)

We made it to one of the best universities in the world. Now, we are in for a critical year of assignments, exams and presentations. It is important we have the right support, guidance and comfort around us.

I am a 22 year old Masters in Public Health fellow student. Whatever I do, wherever I go, I like to get involved with making things more comfortable for my peers and colleagues. When I work with and around people who are content in their surroundings, I feel inspired.

Over the years I have worked for a home-care service, providing focused support for elderly patients around North London; helped a West London based children's charity providing intensive care for children facing huge socioeconomic barriers; and volunteered with a local school in central Brazil, teaching young children basic skills in English speaking and Maths. As you can see, I have a profound interest in roles involving caring for others. I am instinctively drawn to this post.

I believe I am the best candidate to fill this position because I am compassionate, observant and reliable. I will listen and empathise with each of your concerns. I will communicate, plan and deliver innovative solutions for the problems you raise. I will help make your journey through this Masters a little easier with my #welniz touch.