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Max Yu

Graduate Students' Union: Postgraduate Taught Academic & Welfare Officer (Medicine)

Hello everyone! My name is Max and I am running for the position of Postgraduate Taught Academic and Welfare Officer. In this position, it is my responsibility, in essence, to listen to YOU and what improvements we can make together, to allow you to get the best experience of being a student at Imperial. I'm sure that we have all experienced at some point throughout our studies, that we wished there was more focused online learning resources, better feedback quality and nicely scheduled exam timetables. I endeavour to hear your voices so we all achieve our full potential academically.

As students, we also all experience times of stress, pressure and anxiety, whether it would be academic or personal. I myself have definitely experience all three during my time studying and I want you to know that I, alongside all of Imperial's resources are here for you. I was a passionate member of the mental health society at my last university, sharing my own experiences and I have volunteered at a student wellbeing and mental health related helpline for over a year now. We are all aware that the mental health service around the globe needs support and many improvements and I want to do my best to support you, making sure you are referred to the right people to help your wellbeing.

I believe all my experiences make me a strong candidate for this position, if you have any questions or just a chat, contact me at

Thank you