Photo of Akshit Goel

Akshit Goel

TedX: Speaker Coordinator

I've always revered by the TEDx platform and its ability to empower the public. Having organized TEDxYouth events in Dubai for over 3 years, I have a keen understanding of the decision-making process that encompasses developing a TEDx speech. Just a few months ago, I was able to recruit the Marketing Director for LEGO in the Middle East to give a talk about gender biases in today's educational era to an audience of over a 100 parents and teachers, making change where it really matters. I aspire to achieve something similar at Imperial; with an even more culturally diverse and politically involved community, the opportunities for inspiration are endless.
Starting out in 2016 was a challenging experience, but the values I've learnt through the journey could be pivotal to TEDx's comeback at IC in 2020. Our ability to recruit speakers improved greatly, which would be an asset to the upcoming event. My key takeaway has been that TEDx is not simply a talk show and what really matters is the discussion that ensues. Working with speakers to maintain contact with audience members before and after the event has immensely benefitted the impact our events have had. Delivering my own TEDx talk in 2017 was a thrilling experience - but the network of people that I am connected with (even today!) is a testament to the cosmic potential of human communication. Building interpersonal skills through MUN, debate competitions and medical conferences have all complimented my passion for TEDx, and ideas worth spreading.