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Rea Tresa

Bioengineering: Year One Academic Representative (Molecular Bioengineering)

Solving macroscopic problems from a microscopic level - this is what unites us - the molecular bioengineers of Imperial College London.

I’m Rea and I come from Albania - a small but vibrant country in southeastern Europe. What inspires me to pursue a career in bioengineering is the ultimate desire to help developing countries like my own create feasible solutions for healthcare issues.

As molecular bioengineers, our main goal is to be at the forefront of science and engineering and conduct cutting edge research to advance human health and wellbeing. Being one of the newest courses in the college, it is crucial to establish fruitful collaborations between the student body and faculty. From adjusting course content so that our knowledge finds applicability beyond the classroom, to the extended career mentoring of the freshly-minted Imperial bioengineer, I will work hard as your academic representative to reach stellar standards in such regards.

I will ensure that your voices are heard and your academic needs are met. As future colleagues, we will forge a collaborative atmosphere so that we can bring about scientific and technological advances in healthcare and beyond. Having a competent representation is a crucial stepping stone towards our success as a cohort.

United, we are the driving force towards innovation.

Yours truly,