Photo of Jerry Zhang

Jerry Zhang

Bioengineering: Year One Academic Representative (Molecular Bioengineering)

Hey, everyone! I am Aoyu Zhang from Beijing, China. If you find it hard to pronounce my Chinese name, just call me Jerry :)

I have been living in Beijing since I was born, so ask me any question about China! Meanwhile, as an international student, I know how hard it is to study in London if English is not your native language. If I am honored to be the academic representative, I will convey any difficulty in terms of language or understanding of the lectures to the departmental faculty for you.

To be the academic representative, I need to have a strong academic background.

I did IBDP back in high school (Give me five if you also did IB!!!!). For my higher levels, I studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and English B (yea, I did four). For the remaining ones, I did Economics and Chinese Literature. Eventually, I scored 41/45 with a bonus point of 3 (Harrah!). I am sure this could prove my commitment to the high school curriculum. Other than that, I participated in iGEM (synthetic biology) and independent research on Klebsiella pneumoniae.

With the rapid development of science, interdisciplinary subjects could be an innovative solution for the future. I chose to study Bioengineering because it makes me able to apply the knowledge in biological sciences into the real world and make a real difference.

In the first year of college, I would like to make a difference with you guys.

Vote for me! Let me be your voice!