Photo of Jai Chapman

Jai Chapman

Medicine: Biomedical Science - Year Two Academic Representative

Hello, I’m Jai Chapman and I am standing for the role of academic rep for this year.
I would like to take on this role because I am passionate about shaping our course into one that not only reaps the full potential from its students, but also delivers on student feedback efficiently and effectively. Despite being on a new course, we are fortunate enough to have a say in how our course is shaped. I would like to ensure that this system of constructive feedback is maintained but also built upon.

Through my extensive contact with the third year I have seen the main issues from their second year, and would seek to implement relevant changes for us. This includes pushing for adequate release times for exam information, improved coursework spacing, and for third year placement opportunities to be clearer. Additionally, I would seek to implement an anonymous online form to easily and rapidly send information in my direction, which can be recorded and passed on.

I feel I would suit this role as I am keen to actively engage with both staff and students. I have experience in bridging student and faculty conversation, being a school council member for a number of years before starting at Imperial. In line with my passion to improve the course I have since worked on open days for BMB. Overall, I think I would offer efficiency, enthusiasm and responsibility, and I would be delighted to take on this role for the coming year.