Photo of Caitlin Davies

Caitlin Davies

Medicine: Biomedical Science - Year Two Academic Representative

I believe I would make a great candidate for academic rep. Firstly, I have previous experience acting as a liaison between student and staff members during my previous education meaning I am already familiar with the type of work involved and I thoroughly enjoyed this role. Secondly, my characteristics as an assertive and easily approachable individual mean I’d be an ideal voice for our year group who would continue to make your voices heard. Additionally, I would ensure the year group is well informed of any feedback given and changes implemented by staff so that we are aware that our concerns are being taken seriously and acted on.
In terms of future improvements I want to implement, one focus would be on the marking system and making sure that all assessment feedback is received in a timely manner and is most importantly, constructive feedback. It’s incredibly frustrating to receive feedback that doesn’t confirm why you received a certain grade, let alone how to improve in order to reach the next grade. This is particularly important as all of us want to achieve our own personal bests, but we cannot do this without constructive feedback from our fellow staff members.
I would also be open to any suggestions from my fellow students about areas that concern them and I would endeavour to bring these to the attention of staff. Your suggestions ensure that our year group gets the most out of their tuition and time at Imperial.