Photo of Ruochen Xu

Ruochen Xu

Electronic & Information Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

Hey everyone :)

I'm Ruochen, but call me Reia! I will be running for the position of Y1 EIE acad rep. A little bit about me: I'm from Singapore, staying in Wilson House and I like bubble tea, music and sports. Having been elected representative for Project Work throughout high school, I am dedicated, responsible and approachable, with ample experience in liaising with tutors and lecturers.

I am passionate about making our student voice heard and positively impacting our learning experience. Especially with the implementation of the new syllabus, I would like to work closely with the EEE acad rep to ensure feedback from the EEE/EIE cohort flows effectively and efficiently to the departmental heads, to benefit both our own future lessons as well as the next batches of freshers. In doing so, online feedback forms can be open throughout the year to better organise and collate feedback on each course and topic for both lectures and tutorial classes, as well as any timetabling issues.

Some other ideas that I have include workshops for C++ and other programming languages for students of all skill levels, as well as pure EEE/EIE taster courses to ensure students are sure of which course to take towards the end of the year.

Although adjusting to university life can be a little overwhelming, I hope everyone has been settling in well and I hope I can be able to represent you as acad rep to make academic life just a little easier and smoother-sailing for everyone!