Photo of Aleksei Wishart

Aleksei Wishart

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

You are who matters in this election, not me or any other candidates, because you're the one we're fighting to represent. My name is Aleksei Wishart and I hope you think I have what it takes to represent your best interests during the inevitable struggles we're gonna face together in EEE/EIE. First, a little about me, I'm from Southwest Scotland, I like to sail (even if it's mainly for the socials and not the actual sailing) and have a passion for robotics and the space industry. Most notably I took part in a robotics competition (FLL) during school in a leadership and programming capacity and was able to lead my team to win awards at an international level, just like I plan on leading us as a year group to success. I have no set-out policies because we've been here for under a month, I have no clue yet what's wrong with our course but I'm ready to find out and encourage you to tell me what you think could be changed for the better. My job if elected is to represent you, so your policy is my policy. Back home I would always make sure my voice was heard if I didn't agree with something and I don't intend to be any different as your academic rep. All I ask is that you consider voting for me, Aleksei Wishart, and I promise to fight for you.

*I endorse Inigo Selwood for wellbeing representative*