Photo of Laura-Yvonne Gherghina

Laura-Yvonne Gherghina

Biochemistry: Year Two Academic Representative

Hi everyone!
As you might know, last year I was one of your academic reps. Together with Isabelle (the now DepRep), we collected your feedback and presented it to the Life Sciences staff in order to help improve our first year experience.
I hope to continue being your rep this year and ensure that any academic issues, should they arise, are swiftly resolved. Last year, we addressed issues such as late return deadlines, timetable clashes, and coursework feedback. In addition, I believe students should be kept up to date with everything happening in the Department, which is why keeping you informed via email or groupchat is something I would continue to do regularly.
Currently, after attending meetings to voice support for a Life Sciences common room, I am on the committee tasked with helping create this space. Through your feedback, we have been able to indicate how the students would like the common room to materialise. And soon we will all be able to hang out there!
In short, I really enjoyed being your rep last year and getting to know everyone — so I hope I can count on your vote this year as well!