Photo of Tianyu Wen

Tianyu Wen

Biochemistry: Year One Academic Representative

Primary school: Grade 1-4 class rep; Grade 5-6 school union rep; Secondary school: Grade 7-8 elected student union member. Grade 9 transferring to a Canadian high school. High school: Grade 10 international student club president; Grade 11 elected student council executive team; Grade 12 elected student council member. Born in an Eastern Asian country and educated in the Western Hemisphere, I am knowledgable of the cultural variation and learned to respect people with these embedded differences. I am approachable and open to any suggestions at any time. If you any concerns or proposals to the university, I would love to be the conduit for your opinion being heard. I believe that I am capable of making your study environment enjoyable and your first-year university experience memorable. It has been a habit for me to represent my peers, communicating with the governing body of the school, and therefore I would like to continue to stand for my fellow students this year. I am Tianyu Wen and please vote for me as your Biochemistry Year One Academic Representative. Thank you and I really appreciate that you are actually through all these.