Photo of Habiba Al-Khatib

Habiba Al-Khatib

Biochemistry: Year One Academic Representative

Helloo my first-year friends!!
I am Habiba (buT eVeRyOnE cALLs me BeEbs) Al-khatib and I want to be your year 1 academic representative <3

Aside from making sure you know everything the department needs you to know as fast as possible, and communicating all our worries and suggestions back to the department of life sciences, in my role as academic rep I can promise:

1. I will protect you like a lysozome and try to forcibly digest and dissolve anything bothering you
2. I will plan study seshes, and also coordinate the sharing of as many resources and wider reading materials as I can
3. I will fiercely advocate for regular donut/cake days in lectures
4. I will bombard you with horrible biological puns and dad jokes for the duration of the year

Overall I want to make sure we help each other, collaborate and make each other better so we ALL GET FIRSTS!!!

Live long and prosper ?
Beebs :D