Photo of Nok Cheng

Nok Cheng

Chemical Engineering: Year Two Academic Representative

Hi, I am Thomas Nok Cheng.

Congratulations to everyone making into Year 2. However, as we have been told, the workload in Year 2 is getting much more intense than Year 1. Also, unlike last year, we don’t have Academic Tutorials anymore. So, to help everyone with this transition, I am running for this year’s Academic Representative.

With good knowledge of content in both Year 1 and Year 2, and with good experience in the framework of Peer-learning throughout last year. I hope I can make the role of Academic Representative even more Academic by implementing some new initiatives to make this year more enjoyable.

If elected as Academic Representative, my main focus is to launch a Year 2 ChemEng discussion board dedicated for everyone in our year to post all academic related questions we have, such as conceptual problems/problem sheets questions, etc and I will be answering all the questions posted promptly and year-round including holiday and exam period.

Also, I will be creating a library of past paper answer for every module with verified steps and detailed explanations to help everyone with exam preparations. Moreover, you can always find me in the study room if you have any academic problems you want to discuss or if you have any feedback that you want me to reflect to the department.

Finally, I really need your support to make these ideas into reality. So, I sincerely ask you to vote for me. Thank you!