Photo of Wunmi Olatidoye

Wunmi Olatidoye

Chemical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

Hi, I’m Wunmi, I’m running for academic representative to not only bring something new to the table, but to introduce a new one. I am committed to making sure that we receive high quality of education without it being extremely strenuous. Having me as your academic representative is an advantage as I believe that I am an approachable person but someone who can also command respect. Therefore, I will happily take any suggestions (no matter how small they may appear) but will also have the communicational skills necessary to liaise with those of a higher authority. I acknowledge when it is appropriate for me to speak my mind, therefore electing me will assure that you have picked someone logical and open minded.
It is also important that we enjoy our subject as much as possible. Although there may be some modules that you may prefer over others, we will be able to work together to ensure that the classes are still engaging no matter the module.
Overall, I personally think that it is very rewarding to not only benefit our cohort of first year students, but also the years to come. As an academic representative I will also push for changes in the curriculum even if it may not affect our current group. It is always a great achievement to have a lasting impact on the shape of our degree, so that the students succeeding us will not have to go through the same struggles that we did.