Photo of Wenhao Le

Wenhao Le

Chemical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

Here’s Wenhao, It is not easy for you guys to remember this name, hence directly call me Zed. I’m gonna talk about my friend’s experience, which could be closely relevant to why I elect for Year I Academics Reps. It was surprising that my friend seldom attend lectures but usually watch recordings and eat snacks at home, since he lived in Woodward and must take a 40-minute tube to Imperial. I am so sorry for that. Literally, it seems that few classmates may be absent from lectures. To improve this situation, I will collect the feedbacks from you guys and make lectures more flexible. Another experience of my pop band taught me how to communicate with people and find the things they want, it was from an agreement that my drummer and I reached on what kind of music we played, although he loved heavy metal and I preferred pop music. We finally made a rocks ‘Hey Jude’. Also, this is what I will do as a Year Rep, actively talking with you and trying to understand your perspective. Besides, I achieved 5 A* in 7 A-Level subjects, which could be advantageous when solving some subject-related problems. In general, I’m enthusiastic and confident in tackling problems within our course. I’m always your sincere friend while you have an issue of the lecture or the academic questions. Please vote for me, please vote for we if you love 'Hey Jude'.