Photo of Vishal Bolarum

Vishal Bolarum

Chemical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

The primary reason that you are here at Imperial is that you want a 2:1 or if you are extra ballsy, a first. You know it’s going to be tough and my aim, as an academic representative, is to make that journey much easier.
So, what I am planning on doing? Well, for example, if you are struggling with the workload, you can approach me, and I will act to reduce it or instead push for later deadlines. Furthermore, how many times have you lost focus in lectures? Not because you got drunk the night before and gave yourself a hangover. No, you lose focus because humans are not 'engineered' to stay concentrated for long periods of time, so I am thinking of implementing mandatory breaks between lectures. Additionally, we need career talks specifically targeted at first years so that we can further our career from now. This could get you one step closer to purchasing that Bugatti Veyron Dr. Hale keeps talking about.
How do you know that I will deliver though? Something that is unique about me is not that I attend all these different societies. No, something unique about me is my YouTube channel. I have spent hours producing scientific videos and it has enhanced my organisation skills and maximised my work efficiency. I’m willing to sacrifice my time to optimise the course to the best of my ability because it will help both me and you out.
Thank you for reading and vote for me.