Photo of Rohit Thota

Rohit Thota

Chemical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

My name is Rohit and I am running for the position of academic representative.

I am an average student who will experience the same issues, both academic and personal, as most of you, making me perfect for this role as I will be extra motivated to find a solution to any problem we will face in the future. I am also hardworking, approachable and passionate about helping others, making me well suited to take up this role.

If elected, I will:
- Start a forum exclusively for students; discussing doubts, sharing resources and notes, etc.
- Regulate a cheat sheet or a glossary for each module via a google doc and getting it vetted by the professors.
- Create a question board using padlet where we can post any question we have and the professors can answer them on this padlet. This way, if we have too many questions to ask in class, or we get a question while revising in our rooms, we can put it up straight away, eliminating the risk of forgetting it later.

I am positive that I will be able to juggle this responsibility along with my academic and social responsibilities. Back in high school, I successfully managed my IB curriculum, cricket and football commitments, student council commitments and my yearbook team commitments, so rest assured, I wont neglect the responsibility that comes with this post.

If you like my ideas and think I am the right person for the job, please vote for me. Thank you!