Photo of Raksha Lalwani

Raksha Lalwani

Chemical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

Hi Guys! I am Raksha Lalwani and I am standing for the position of Academic Year Representative for Chemical Engineering, as you might have already guessed by now ;)

To introduce myself in short, I love reading novels, listening to music, and singing. Ok, so know coming to the point…
I think that by becoming a Year rep., I will not only gain a new experience but also be able to make our first year not as intimidating as it looks by voicing out everyone's concerns. I have previously had some experience in leadership roles during my year 11 and 12, so that will help me manage this responsibility well.

So far I have thought of the following initiatives that I can take:
1. We can have a Chem. Eng. Day at the end of every year wherein, all the professors and our batch can come together and just chill out by playing games, karaoke and we can maybe even convince our professors to showcase their talent! Oh, and of course free food- because let’s admit it, who wants to cook and wash dishes! ;)

2. On a serious note, I think we all are facing the problem of having to jump from Panopto to blackboard repeatedly. So, I think we can ask the professors to upload their lecture recordings on Blackboard itself.

Even if I don't get elected as the Year rep., I am sure our year will be great because everyone is very capable and talented. :)