Photo of George Spencer

George Spencer

Chemical Engineering: Year One Academic Representative

An academic representative must have a variety of skills and below are a few tasters of what you can expect if you vote for me (George). Firstly, being an equally good listener and speaker will ensure not only your opinions are voiced to academics, but that they are actually acted upon leading to positive change…resulting in the class of 2019/20 leaving a lasting legacy for years to come. Working well within a team and being easily approachable will ensure you feel any idea is taken seriously, after all no idea is a bad idea. Finally, being enthusiastic and having the determination to dedicate time to the position throughout the whole year is what will separate myself from those who just want the ‘title’.

I have had the opportunity to hone these skills from a very young age. Being on the student council throughout my time in education meant I was able to voice the opinions of my peers leading to positive change. This led to my appointment as one of the heads of school which again helped me develop essential leadership skills which will no doubt help in this role.

An academic representative isn’t all about being the most academically gifted student on the course. My communication, work ethic and team management skills will ensure I bring the best possible all-round package to this position. Plus, I have many, many ideas to improve our chem eng course which will be revealed if I get elected…Have a great year regardless!