Photo of Viraj Shah

Viraj Shah

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

Some of you may know me from *the chat*... some of you may have met me in reality (in which case I'm sorry) and some (most) of you may not know me... I'm Viraj and I'm standing to be your Year One Academic Representative.

As the new curriculum's guinea pigs, there's a lot we're still in the dark about. How in-depth do we need to know our lecture content? What exactly should we do during active learning sessions? How will assessments like the tAPP actually be marked?

These questions deserve answers and, by standing to be your academic rep, I will ensure you receive them!

Now, more than ever, we need someone to voice our feedback towards the faculty, to address everyone's individual academic problems and guarantee they're sorted, to be friendly and approachable... I believe that person is me.

As your academic rep, I will push for:
- More clarity in the learning objectives/Sofia on the content we NEED to understand
- Less focus on ALS guided independent study in favour of traditional teaching styles
- The re-introduction of dissection into anatomy teaching
- A clearer layout of our Coursera with more user-friendly distinctions between pre-reading and consolidation

I will be using all my previous experience as leader of a school society and award-winning charity team to deliver the best outcome as academic rep to ensure your first year is as successful and positive as you deserve.

It would be an honour to see you support me as your academic rep, thank you!