Photo of Varja Cuculovic

Varja Cuculovic

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

I hope that medicine has been treating you well; the academics and the new curriculum can be extremely exciting, but also daunting. While Imperial offers amazing teaching, there is always room for more. I am running for academic representation because I believe the way to the best academic quality is sustaining student feedback - and want to ensure it happens.

My vision includes our academic representation being:
IMMEDIATE. We learn every day in medical school, hence every day matters. Communication with the faculty must be continuous, so that issues we’ve encountered (curriculum requirements, technical issues, anatomy teaching ...) and further issues can be resolved as soon as possible.
EFFECTIVE. To raise efficiency, I want to exchange experience with other representatives, who have potentially encountered similar issues. However, the core of effective feedback will be communication amongst ourselves; having volunteered in multiple organizations such as European Youth Parliament, Scouts, and coordinated Human Resources of Youth for Climate Justice SI, I am confident I can facilitate effective discussions.
APPROACHABLE. My fundamental goal is that everyone is equitably supported to express their views. I want the formation of shared opinion to be as easy and democratic as possible; I thus plan to facilitate it through online submissions, discussions and polls per year’s preferences, and make all information readily accessible to any student.

If this sounds like a vision you would like to see implemented, vote for me to become your academic representative this year - or ask away on social media. Happy PoMming!

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