Photo of Shaan Kotecha

Shaan Kotecha

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

Hello everyone, my name is Shaan and I would love to be one of your academic representatives this year!

Quick background:
- Lived in London my whole life (near Baker Street)
- Originally from India (Gujarati)
- Beit Hall (East 3rd floor)
- Part of ICSM boat, squash and dance
- The dog in the photo is named Zoey, she’s a 3 year old Shih Tzu

If elected I would aim to:
- Help to improve our course content to ensure that we learn important, interesting, and up-to-date material
- Make sure that all the online teaching resources are readily available and easy to use
- Collect feedback from all student to guarantee that we all contribute towards how our academic life is structured
- Ensure that our exam timetable is well-planned and released as early as possible so that we have enough time to prepare
- Try to make academia this year as stress-free as possible so that everyone has time to take part in societies and socialise as well
- Make improvements in the physical facilities available to students

The workload can get really tough really quickly, and it’s important that we all have a say in our academic lives to help lighten the workload.
This means that we can learn efficiently whilst also balancing work with societies and our social lives.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas by messaging me on Facebook (Shaan Kotecha) or emailing me (