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Rayyan Islam

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

Hi everyone,
My name is Rayyan, and I’m hoping to serve as one of your academic representatives.

We are in a massively important, yet influential position, as guinea pigs of the new/redeveloped course. I want to utilize this to strongly impact our course for the good, and with this in mind, there are some issues I'd like to focus on:

1) New Modules: Our course includes new but untested modules and software, like LMAP and Coursera. In trying (rightfully) to bring us into the future, there'll be teething problems, and having personally resolved conflicts between departments affecting students in sixth form, I have insight and experience in effectively communicating with staff to negotiate improvements for students.
In discussions, faculty seem incredibly flexible on changes, as they're writing next year's course right now. There'll need to be improvements, and I'll start early.

2) Teaching: In the new course, teaching methods have radically changed. We've moved heavily online, we've lost dissection, and we reportedly have the lowest anatomy teaching hours in the UK. Our education is not worth a third of GKT’s, and we shouldn’t stand for a third.
Studies have repeatedly shown that reductions in anatomy teaching result in decreased competency in patient care everywhere from surgery to general practice; meaninglessly creating another wall to climb in our careers is the opposite of supporting medical students. There's a balance to reach on traditional and modern teaching, with many pros and cons for both, and I'll focus on reaching it with you.