Photo of Lily Mahdavi

Lily Mahdavi

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

A bit about myself;
I am someone who is constantly looking at ways to improve and optimize systems; this is reflected in my ambitions to be involved in hospital/NHS management and service improvement, in the future. Problem-solving and structuring are amongst my personal strengths.
As a former prefect, I am, and will be, very comfortable with using my free time to discuss improvements and ideas with those senior to me.

I would like to talk about a couple of things I have noticed thus far; I have noticed that lecture slides are very difficult to find and refer back to; I would propose that they be in a separate area (in date order) for ease of navigation (additionally it may be interesting to have a search tool to search for keywords or phrases within presentations) — this seems much better than all students downloading and storing slides on their own hard drive.
I have also noticed that it is unclear what you need to actually learn from some lectures and what is extra context/facts; I would propose a bullet-pointed summary to be issued at the end of each lecture (this would also help with note-making post-lectures).

I am keen to listen to your ideas and help resolve any problems that you may be having.
I’d be very happy if you would accept me as part of your Academic team! :) thank you!