Photo of Kelsey Au Yeung

Kelsey Au Yeung

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

New Academic Program, New Assessment Styles, New Study Styles
For us, Freshers, everything is very new, and I know it is hard. That is why I want to be the one to hear your big concerns and small inconveniences; the one to help with your problems; and the one to be your voice to the college. As your representative, I aim to:

 Ensure you can contact me with ease.

 Ensure your opinions about the course are heard and conveyed to the college.

 Work with the staff to implement changes to help you succeed in your studies.

 Keep you informed about the decisions made by the council.

In order to achieve my aims, I will use my experiences from a new volunteering program last year. This includes having constructive conversations with staffs and students and provide proposals of solutions to problems. I have also set up a website and many different social platforms for you to inform me about your experiences, your problems and your ideas (because you know best what you need).

I would be honoured to be given the opportunity to be your representative for the coming year and be able to make a positive impact on your university experience.