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Harroop Bola

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

Salutations! My name is Harroop, and it would be an absolute honour and privilege to represent our year as your academic representative. Firstly, I would like to felicitate all my fellow ICSM freshers on becoming esteemed medical students at The Best Medical School in the World; and it would be amazing to represent such a year, to develop a rapport with you, with our professors and with our lecturers, to enable the best possible and actively engaging university experience.
Why should you vote for me?
1) Knowledge is key, I shall, therefore, advocate and design a centralised online notebank for lecture notes, course specifics and session details for our new MBBS curriculum- Using online platforms to effectively relay this.
(Notability for free)
2)Opportunities are important, research experience with national labs and medical technology companies are an innovative way to expand your medical understanding and to enable you to experience something new; this I shall aim to provide.
3) Practice makes perfect, model and exemplar examination questions are useful and are key to our revision- I shall encourage wider access, as well as designing group revision sessions for the new course.
4) Communicate your ideas, I shall actively listen to your recommendations and shall make them happen (new curriculum restructure); promising to create a weekly checklist and update on the course. I should also mention that I am very proficient at using Whatsapp.

If you like what you read, vote me for your new academic representative!