Photo of Aliya Siddiqui

Aliya Siddiqui

Medicine: Year One Academic Representative

Hi! I’m Aliya and I’m running for the position of academic rep because I will get our year (the guinea pigs) the support we need to tackle this new curriculum and thrive.

It is more important this year than ever to elect a rep that will be proactive and genuinely invested in making the academic changes that you want to see, and I believe I have the experience, communication and teamwork skills, and above all a persuasive and positive attitude that will make your voices heard.

We need more transparency and detail about our course requirements, as well as guidance about the depth of knowledge that is required. If elected, I will press faculty to give access to more relevant resources that don’t require 3 days of pre reading on coursera, as well as clearer learning objectives for the new modules that will help us feel confident when it comes to assessments in the future - because who knows what’s going on with Sofia...
I’ve discussed the role in depth with previous academic reps and understand the best ways to relay your feedback and concerns to the faculty in a direct and effective way that will allow us to impact the teaching for the coming years.

We need to push for a more comprehensive, structured and interactive course that will balance the new clinical experience opportunities with some more traditional techniques that we were expecting.

Vote for me for less podcasts more dissections