Photo of Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Physics: Year Four Academic Representative

Hi everyone, for those who don't know me, I'm Mark (if you really don't know me please come say hello, I'm in Blackett literally every weekday and it's been a whole three years now). I'm running to be your academic rep for this final year. Hopefully my picture represents just how quickly four years at imperial is going by! Keeping it short, I want to stand as a rep for similar reasons to last year. I want to be the connection between everyone in our year and the department, getting all your thoughts and ideas through so that the department knows what to do in order to make physics at Imperial better, both for us whilst we're here, and for those in the years to come. Having been year rep last year, I'm pretty sure I managed to voice what everyone was thinking throughout the year, and bring all the responses from the department back to you. I'd love to do this again, it's great to be able to put across what the year-group is thinking, and then actually get these thoughts acted upon. Also, lunch with the Head of Department is awesome, I want to do that again!

For those who thought I did a good job getting the department know what everyone thinks last year/ if you think I will, vote Mark!