Photo of Satvik Agarwal

Satvik Agarwal

Materials: Year Two Academic Representative

My aim is to improve the student-driven feedback loop which is the vehicle for positive change in our department. I want to support and enhance the voice of my colleagues to ensure fair and inclusive representation of our year’s views of all academic matters in the Staff-Student Committees. I have observed strengths and weaknesses of the department, its teaching, its assessment schedule/structure, and labs. There are practices that can be improved in my view. Here are a couple examples:

During lab submissions, students might face problems with concepts that need to be described in detail in the report. Sometimes, the reason for this is that they haven’t yet covered said concepts in lectures, and/or have no information about them prior to the labs. So, to clarify some of these relevant questions, a forum can be set-up for each lab group on MicrosoftTeams along with the GTA responsible for the lab, who may be capable of addressing these questions.

Most students who have “minor” doubts about certain concepts may not approach the lecturer during their office hours. Sometimes, students are unable to go for office hours because the timings don’t suit them, or because the lecturer is busy with another student at the time. However, these doubts can be addressed in a ‘peer-tutoring class’ whereby students who understand the concept well are able to explain it to their peers in a workshop-like setting. The student office can schedule these peer-tutoring classes on CELCAT and iCal so it’s easy to find them.