Photo of Braian Lew

Braian Lew

Materials: Year Two Academic Representative

I was an academic representative last year and I would like to remain in this position. Last year, due to my effective collaboration with Disha, we were able to achieve most of our goals that hopefully made your life at Imperial just a little easier. We were able to EXTEND the short lab report deadline form 9am to 8pm so that each of you could enjoy a night out without thinking about the lab report waiting for you once you come home in the middle of the night (that must have been harsh! ). Secondly, we managed to have PRINTED LAB SCRIPTS so you could save your printing credit for other stuff (like lecture notes or slides at the end of the year). If you still trust me representing you this year, I am certain that we can achieve even more. This year I will try to involve all of you to share your ideas and vision about this department and the upcoming year. Moreover, I believe we can take inspiration from other departments within Imperial to develop and improve our own. For instance, we can introduce UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANTS like the ones in the electronic engineering department ( This would allow some of you to undertake tutoring classes with the first year students while earning some additional money! This however will not be achieved without your support and involvement. Vote for me and I guarantee you will be heard and results will come true!